Atlanta is considered the center of Southern Rap. These artists use 808 beats with epic trumpet sounds and atmospheric backgrounds. This is a starter pack based on the ATL sounds from ButtonBass. Keep the tempo the same and turn on SnapToGrid. Upload your favorite loops from the bank below and arrange them how you want. Make sure you only use either the BlackKey or the WhiteKey loops, do not mix them, otherwise your song will sound ugly. It sounds best if the loops last either 4, 8, 16, or 32 bars, that way your song is more organized.

I left some some suggested instruments available. The BASSLINE track has been calibrated to sound good on the sound system, but make sure it matches the loops (remember, do not mix black and white keys). The SPACE CHURCH sound is great to play chords in the background, white the MACHINE track is a drum machine to make custom beats (remember to quantize). Enjoy!

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