This is a premade song with all the tracks still intact. Listen and study it, then delete the tracks and record your own.

The "4ths and 5ths" track is meant for a pre-chorus, and has a tremolo effect so hold down the notes and they should repeat on their own.

Speaking of holding down notes, you really have to wait a good couple beats before the Reverse Guitar produces a sound. For that sound, play a chord but stagger the notes by a beat or two for a cool effect (meaning don't play them at the same time).

Bassline should be simple (mine was 4 notes) and always match the other harmonies as closely as possible. If you're having trouble hearing it on your speakers arrange with Mr. Vikhter to test out your song on the sound system at school.

All the Percussion tracks have been written to outline the form [iABABA¹o] and if your going to mimic the original form you should leave those alone.


  • Sunrise
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  • Mr. Vikhter's Original
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