Google-Planned, YouTube-Streamed, Student-Run

Rundown of Events -- Essential Questions


Who We Are -- What We Do

How do we reach a wider audience?

"Where the Magic Happens"

-- presented by Noah Ramos

Why live stream?

The SAMR Model

How do we promote and expand tech literacy? How can we design curriculum that meets the needs of ALL students in a 21st Century context?

Accessing YouTube

"Bringing You Right There"

--presented by Gianna Repta

What challenges do students face when working in a team?

"How Do They Do That?"

Video mixer setup

Keying and Overlay Techniques

How can we use multiple forms of media to better communicate with our audience?

"A Musician's Ear"

--presented by Liam Basilone

Which external skill sets are transferring when we are putting on a production?

Countdown Timers

Intro Videos and Transitions

How can we make our assemblies as engaging as possible for students, staff, and families?

Planning on a Spreadsheet

Other Kinds of Live Streams

YouTube Analytics at a Glance

Next Steps / Q&A

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