NOTE1: If the game becomes unresponsive, click on your character and it should start working again.

NOTE2: This game will only work on iPads, Chrome OS devices, Kindle Fire, and possibly Androids. You will need to install the Sploder App. Be the first to try it and let Mr. Vikhter know how it works!



Version 1.1 - (Alpha)

Version 1.2 - (Beta) First public release

Version 1.3 - Grammar and spelling fixes, added extra lives at beginning of each level, minor bug fixes

Version 1.4 - Balanced the difficulty to increase more gently

Version 1.5 - There is now music, carefully curated to match the theme of each level. Minor bug fixes

Version 1.6 - Enabled password to jump to later levels. You can now start at later points in the game if you've gotten that far

Version 1.7 - Minor bug fixes and balancing