1. Go to Chrome Web Store and install the program Chrome Audio Capture. Press this button to automatically go there:

2a. Go to Google Play, you.dj or any other music player. Find recordings from a decade of your choice, or an artist that represents that decade.


Don't know where to begin? Go to step 2b

2b. Search on Wikipedia or online to find out what kind of music was prominent between 1900 and 1999. Go back to step 2a and find recordings.

Here are links for your convenience: 

3. Press the button to go to WeVideo and log in:

email: thorpvideo+#@gmail.com

password: thorpvideo+#@gmail.com

4. Make a video between that has the following:

-between 1:30 and 4:00 minutes long

-pictures/videos of the artist(s)

-facts about the artists(s)

-pictures/videos/facts about important events relative to this music (for example Vietnam War and Jimi Hendrix)

-at least 3 songs (same or different artist) that represent an iconic genre from their time