Example 1: Always Wear a Helmet

Example 2: Look Both Ways I

Example 3: Look Both Ways II

Example 4: Stranger Danger


Safety: Stranger Danger, Stay With Adult (Don't Wander), What To Do If Lost

Life Skills: getting dressed, buttoning, zipping, tying shoes, wiping/washing face, brushing teeth, cooking-step by step of many different easy recipes, safely using the toaster and microwave, folding laundry, sorting silverware, setting the table, making the bed

SEL: Pay Attention to the Speaker, identifying emotions and social perspective; how to request to join a game; sharing; appropriate emotional regulation such as requesting a break/walk;appropriate greeting; reciprocal conversation about many topics; waiting; protesting (saying no/I don't like that/don't do that); requesting items, help, and attention; appropriate commenting...

Google Sites:

Create a website on Google Sites. Any topic is fine for now if it is appropriate for school. You may collaborate on one site or work alone, but everybody should invite mdvikhter as an editor. Do not make the site public until it is approved by me -- we are starting with CPS only. When you press PUBLISH it will prompt you to choose the last part of the code to access your site: